DAVID KNOELL lives in Chicago, writes comics, reads comics, reads books, rides bikes, plays music, remembers Iowa, cheers for Nebraska, improvises with mediocrity, acts professionally with irregularity, directs theatrical shenanigans, and calls his mother once a week.

DAN BEAVERS is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and lives in Chicago. Dan enjoys performing improv as well as writing sketch and stand-up comedy.

He has been featured on the Schick and Nick show as the voices of: Matthew McConaughey, Jim Rome, Cleveland Brown, Andrus the Giant, and Owen Wilson. Dan’s hobbies include drinking milk and not being a cat hoarder.

BRETT WALDON is a graduate of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as well as the California Institute of the Arts.  Brett is an improviser, actor, illustrator, t-shirt designer, comic strip writer, and all other sorts of things that don’t require an education to do; and yet he still insisted on spending money on one anyway.

You can find his online portfolio here, become a fan of his artwork on Facebook here, and buy some of his artwork for your bathroom here.